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Food Adventure #42: Brunetti & Chimac Revisitied

Due to stomach limits, we had to revisit Chimac for more of their interesting Korean soul food with a Mexican twist.

We were once again blown away by the tasty dishes. The new dish we tried was the Bulgogi Quesadilla. Crispy exterior with soft tasty fillings, this dish was slightly spicy, however addictive.

Brunetti was another place that we revisited. With so many choices of single serving cakes, there is always an excuse to come back.

Loving the cute jar presentation, we tried the Lemon cheesecake. Was nice, however lacking the biscuity base.

DarkAngel and I are fans of Tiramisu, so when there was a strawberry version, we were curious. Tasty, but the bottom layer tasted a bit odd.

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Food Adventure #41: Massive Weiner

DarkAngel and I found this whimsical place by surprise. Simple in execution, the Massive Weiner is a place to try for fun and the place for some traditional dogs.

Have to admit the shop name was what caught our attention and pulled us in. There’s nothing really special or different about the hotdogs here, but the sausage is of good quality. Coupled with onions, cheese, traditional mustard and tomato sauce, it was a tasty classic hot dog.

And for those who love a challenge, try the 25” challenge. If you get the massive wiener in your belly under 5 minutes, you will join the wall of fame… but if you fail… your photo will get stuck embarrassingly under the bar on the wall of shame…

Massive Wieners on Urbanspoon

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Hamburger Quest #01: Huxtaburger

On recommendation from my sister, we decided to grab a burger from Huxtaburger to start off our Hamburger Quest. When you click the burgers on their website menu, the image of the burger splits open to show the ingredients which I thought was quite cute.

The restaurant was quite busy and stylish but I am not a big fan of sharing large tables with other customers, especially when I am struggling with a messy meal…

DarkAngel had the bigger Bills burger with bacon, egg, pineapple and beetroot. I had the Denis burger or as known as the hot one with jalapenos and sriracha mayo. The sriracha mayo was quite nice, however the burger was prone to falling apart and was quite soggy.

We ordered Chipotle chips, which according to Wiki is smoked chilly or smoked dried jalapeno. I wasn’t particularly a fan of the seasoning and would much rather chicken salt, but was worth a try. At least the soft drinks were bottomless.

I am not quite sure what the fuss was about. Although price was average, we weren’t particularly impressed of the burger size so we had to head back out for second dinners…

Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon

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Food Adventure #40: Switch Lifestyle Restaurant

After a long shopping trip, we ducked into Switch for dinner. The Switch franchise is always busy and loud, probably not my everyday choice but there was a couple of interesting items on the menu that we tried…

This is a volcano pizza. Somehow it reminds me of a calzone full of salami, jalapenos and cheese. Quite nice but I couldn’t each much of it as the amount of dough quickly fills you up.

DarkAngel has been talking about wanting to get me to try Squid ink pasta, so he ordered it straight away when he saw it on the menu. The colour is rather unusual but I couldn’t really taste the ink, just that it went all over our mouths. Maybe not the dish for those who are really self conscious about food stains.

Switch Lifestyle Fountain Gate on Urbanspoon

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Food Adventure #39: The Ivy

DarkAngel spontaneously wanted to watch the sunset with me so we made our way up Mount Dandenong again (*chuckles* someone was trying to be romantic*). Dates up there feels like time is spent most in the car; the long drive and arriving to find out that it is windy so we take cover from the weather. After standing around in the freezing wind, among other hugging couples and shrugging tourist families, we went on a mission to fill out bellies on the way down the mountain.

After a small walk around and viewing several menus, we decided on The Ivy, most likely entranced by the lighting and the warm fireplace inside.

Always the one for trying something new, we ordered a Insalata di Spiniel. Described on the menu as Baby Spinach, Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, Wood Fire Roasted Capsicum, Basil and Vincotta. Turns out the dish was a salad. I think Buffalo cheese has to be one of my favorite type of cheese. It has a mild taste so you can eat quite a bit without finding it overwhelming and it has a rather interesting texture.

After Storm in a Teacup, we became somewhat in love with the idea of Wood-Fire Terracotta Pot dishes so we ordered the Slow Roasted Lamb. This dish did not disappoint. It consisted of tasty slow roasted garlic and rosemary lamb with vegetable and fetta cheese. We made a mental note to buy one of these Terracotta pots for when we decide to move in together to try our own combinations (^_^#) ~ ~~

The strange thing about this restaurant is that although when we went while it was rather empty, the staff there are bent on putting people at the back of the restaurant rather then up the front where it seemed more comfy. The Ivy has to be one of those restaurant that I would only try once because of something different on the menu, I get this feeling that perhaps I am a little too young to appreciate the atmosphere XP.

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