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Food Adventure #44: Chez Dre

We are hardly early enough to go very far for brunch, so when we do, the experience has always been nice. And Chez Dre lived up to the expectation.

We started off with the Braised Mushroom Ragu. The texture was rather different but the mix of taste was nice. We think it would have been better with a serving of bread though.

And of course we could not pass on the pretty cakes here. We ordered a Green Tea, Kalamanzi and Muscovado Sugar cake and it was wonderful. So pretty with the different textures on each layer and complimentary colours. Surprisingly not too sweet, this cake suited our tastes perfectly.

And of course, no breakfast is complete without a pot of English Breakfast Tea ;)

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Food Adventure #43: Maedaya

Little dishes to share are certainly the best. That was why DarkAngel took me to Maedaya for their range of Japanese tapas. Not particularly a drinker, I passed on their collections of drinks that were displayed across the restaurant.

To satisfy my love of skewers, we tried the Maedaya Tsukune Set, which came with 5 different types: wasabi mayonnaise chicken meatball, yakitori chicken, inari kushi, porkbelly and ox tongue.

We then followed it with more skewers, the Tsukune Topping set. 5 skewers of chicken meatballs with wasabi mayonnaise, spicy miso mayonnaise, chili pepper, black pepper and garlic chips. Was nice, but would have been better on pork belly. Love that stuff.

Picking a few more off the menu, we decided to try chicken skin and pork belly.

And of course, DarkAngel would never let the eel skewer pass by.

After the skewers were done and dusted, we started on the other tasty tapas that Maedaya offered. We started off with our favourite raw octopus.

We picked the ika sansei because I had no idea what it was from the image on the iPad.

And to fill our stomachs, we finished off with a plate of soba noodles.

A busy popular Japanese tapas place that you order through an iPad. Quick and friendly service, the vibe here is light and fun. With so many dishes to try and share, Maedaya is a great date night place to try out!

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Food Adventure #42: Brunetti & Chimac Revisitied

Due to stomach limits, we had to revisit Chimac for more of their interesting Korean soul food with a Mexican twist.

We were once again blown away by the tasty dishes. The new dish we tried was the Bulgogi Quesadilla. Crispy exterior with soft tasty fillings, this dish was slightly spicy, however addictive.

Brunetti was another place that we revisited. With so many choices of single serving cakes, there is always an excuse to come back.

Loving the cute jar presentation, we tried the Lemon cheesecake. Was nice, however lacking the biscuity base.

DarkAngel and I are fans of Tiramisu, so when there was a strawberry version, we were curious. Tasty, but the bottom layer tasted a bit odd.

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Food Adventure #41: Massive Weiner

DarkAngel and I found this whimsical place by surprise. Simple in execution, the Massive Weiner is a place to try for fun and the place for some traditional dogs.

Have to admit the shop name was what caught our attention and pulled us in. There’s nothing really special or different about the hotdogs here, but the sausage is of good quality. Coupled with onions, cheese, traditional mustard and tomato sauce, it was a tasty classic hot dog.

And for those who love a challenge, try the 25” challenge. If you get the massive wiener in your belly under 5 minutes, you will join the wall of fame… but if you fail… your photo will get stuck embarrassingly under the bar on the wall of shame…

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