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Hamburger Quest #02: B.EAST

And who’s up for a challenge? If you can tackle the mighty B.EAST burger down in 3 minutes, you can get your name up on their Wall of Fame.

Whaaa.. look at all that cheese and 4 layers of meat patties. Sad to report, DarkAngel was not up for the challenge, we decided to enjoy every bite instead. The burger itself was very fresh and meaty with a tasty bite of cheese.

B.EAST has a rather casual and busy atmosphere with loud music and red lights for decoration. A fun and funky place to spend a Friday night.

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Food Adventure #46: Oriental Spoon

Deciding to try somewhere new for Korean, we decided to drop by Oriental Spoon. Despite being rather busy and we did not book beforehand, we were lucky enough to get a seat after a short wait. As usual, we started off with some green tea. One of the best things to have during the Winter cold is soup and this Spicy Korean Soup really hits the spot. Egg in the soup is the best ^^ Wanting something fresh and different, we tried a Mushroom salad. It was a little strange at first, with the warm mushroom and cold salad, however was very tasty and appetizing. Oriental Spoon was one of the better Korean restaurants we have visited. Too bad that it is located in the city, too far to come more often. Nevertheless it was a sweet dinner date worth a revisit :)

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Food Adventure #45: Queen Vic Luna1878 Winter Night Market

A date at a carnival or festival was never really interesting to me but a date at the Queen Victoria Luna1878 Winter Market had me changing my mind.

It only took DarkAngel one glance to decide that we were joining the long queue for this bread soup from the Gourmet Soup Factory. We got the Potato and Leek Soup, it was so good, we ate the whole bowl. Literally.

Next up we couldn’t decide what to have from ETC or Eat The Chicken, so we tried the taste platter which had a sample of Pad Thai, Chicken ribs and Chicken Larb. A little sour and a little chilly, this mix was very appetizing.

I couldn’t stop staring at the fried chicken so we stopped at Marmak to try out their Ayam Goreng. Flavourful, very crisp but it was a little on the dry side.

We couldn’t find the soft shell crab burger DarkAngel wanted, so we settled on the pulled pork burger from Carvery Longhorn. Wasn’t as good as the burgers we tried on our Hamburger Adventure, but that could be expected.

And let the dessert begin… We started to finish our night with the strange yet surprisingly good Duck Waffle.

Then finished off with a traditional nutella and strawberry crepe.

With so much to eat and see, these two guys in particular caught a lot of attention with their quirky behaviour and dreamlike appearance. And yes, he is towel whipping the lady that was trying to take a selfie with them while his companion asked the stalls for food with this net.

Another thing I found amusing was the Silent Disco, which promptly became less interesting when DarkAngel pointed out that they had headphones in.

For a food filled entertaining night, do drop by Queen Victoria Market. This Wednesday night is the last day, so you’d better be quick so you don’t miss out!

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Food Adventure #44: Chez Dre

We are hardly early enough to go very far for brunch, so when we do, the experience has always been nice. And Chez Dre lived up to the expectation.

We started off with the Braised Mushroom Ragu. The texture was rather different but the mix of taste was nice. We think it would have been better with a serving of bread though.

And of course we could not pass on the pretty cakes here. We ordered a Green Tea, Kalamanzi and Muscovado Sugar cake and it was wonderful. So pretty with the different textures on each layer and complimentary colours. Surprisingly not too sweet, this cake suited our tastes perfectly.

And of course, no breakfast is complete without a pot of English Breakfast Tea ;)

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