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Food Adventure #16: Kumo Izakaya

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Once again we have come full circle and my DarkAngel’s birthday has quietly crept up on me. Well, after he took me to a delicious Sushi Train to celebrate my birthday, I had difficulty trying to pick a restaurant to top his choice. After sweeping through online reviews and restaurant webpages, I finally settled on the idea of Japanese Tapas, Izakaya style! Izakaya incorporates a wide variety of small dishes served with drinks for a long sweet romantic night. The place I decided on was Kumo Izakaya. Kumo is a modern social stop for sake, delicious food and great company. On the first step in, you can really feel the social buzz and wonderful atmosphere. Luckily, I asked for a seat by the window upstairs so it was much more quiet for our special occasion and I excitedly began picking dishes off the menu. Soon we received dishes after dishes and we were lost in where to start with our full table. Starting from the left, we have our Kurobuta Pork Belly Pie which was one of the most recommended dish. Beside that was 2 dishes, my DarkAngel chose the mushroom stuffed chicken with cheese and teriyaki sauce because I have a deep love for cheese. The dish below is a very filling Wagyu Onigiri. This is followed by our favourite dish of the night; salmon poke shooter in the ceramic shot glasses - a salmon salad. We continued on with the Salmon sushi that was endearing and fun to pick at together. Last but not least we also had Pork Belly Butakushi Skewers which I had a lot of fun prodding about with the paddle stick. Besides those dishes we also had a Wagyu Sukiyaki Udon to fill us up. Although we had to substitute Green Tea for Sake, the large collection that they have at the Kumo is a must try for those who have a soft spot for Japanese Alcohol. Perfect for a special night out, set a date here and experience a touch of modern Japanese Izakaya.

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