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Food Adventure #19: Sushi Hotaru


Technically, this is the second time I visited Sushi Hotaru, DarkAngel took me the first time for my birthday but I neglected to take photos so we decided to drop by again for more.

Above: Edamame Bean, Grilled Chicken & Grilled Eel

Not that we are complaining. The food here are cheap for a sushi train. With dishes at $3 each unless it is sashimi or side dishes, we didn’t even bother counting the building pile of empty plates.

Above: Salmon Shallots, Eel with Cheese, Salmon with Chilli Mayo

Because of the low price, the line to enter are long. Due to the popularity, there are no booking, so expect to wait at least half hour for a seat. But it is worth the wait. With so many people milling around outside, waiting to go in, it seems a bit daunting but the queue moves quite quickly.

Above: Salmon Tuna, Squid & Octopus Tentacles

After glancing at the reviews on Urbanspoon, people complain about the long line and lack of service, however we didn’t have a problem. It felt like an authentic sushi train, with waiters and chefs speaking Japanese. You are given the option to wait to pick from the train or order your favorites right off the iPad menus so either way you will be fed until you cannot fit anymore.

Above: Jellyfish, Kingfish & Octopus Nigiri

As you all know, I simply adore small dishes because I can only fit so much in this small body of mine, so sushi trains really hit the spot. My only fear is the prices so I always leave it for a special occasion but with prices like this for quality fresh dishes, I’m always down to revisit.

Above: Lobster, Takoyaki & Black Sesame Mochi

Complete with bottomless green tea, we were stuffed. I barely could even roll myself off the stool but without a doubt, we will be back for more…

Sushi Hotaru on Urbanspoon

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