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Food Adventure #20: Laksa King

Following with my last post about Sushi Hotaru, this next restaurant is no different - great food with a long line…. Laksa King is ranked number one on urbanspoon for cheap eats. The malaysian restaurant has been featured in the Age and Broadsheet. Wondering what the big deal was about, DarkAngel and I found ourselves lingering around the restaurant during their break. Deciding to wait since we made the long travel, we wondered the streets of Flemington and returned to the restaurant 10 minutes before Laksa Kings opening time. Amazingly, the foyer was already full of waiting customers and as the clock hit five, there was a line right out the door. Amazing. We thought that was only an exaggerated rumour.

Above: Scallop Laksa and Duck Laksa

After we ordered, I regretted that we didn’t try the side dishes and because we already made arrangement for dinners afterwards, we couldn’t fill ourselves up here. The laksa smelled wonderful, I was already salivating impatiently trying to take the photo before digging in. The soup was full of flavour and so creamy, if only this place wasn’t so far away from me, I’d come back despite the long line. Unfortunately, I think Laksa King has ruined me for Laksa anywhere else - I would not be ordering Laksa anytime soon at another restaurant as I’m sure it won’t compare to one I had here. Ah, truly an eye opener and Laksa King has most certainly cemented my love for laksa. Try for yourself and be sure to be early!

Laksa King on Urbanspoon

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