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Food Adventure #24: Irodori House

Wondering around Box Hill with no clue what to have for dinner this Date Night, my Dark Angel and I happened across a Japanese restaurant, Irodori House.

Irodori House is a small, quiet restaurant with friendly staff that offered the set meal selection as we sat down. A bit skeptical about the small set meal menu, I was happily surprised with the cute presentation.

Our appetizers included Chawanmushi and a selection of Maki. Dark Angel was a big fan of Japanese steamed egg, so it was a pleasant start to our dinner.

The main meals were served on a tray, complete with miso soup and wakame seaweed salad. As a fan of fish, I tried the Mackerel while Dark Angel has the Ginger Pork.

To finish off, was a cute bowl of jelly. I was a bit worried about this restaurant because of the set menu but was pleasantly surprised with the presentation of the meal even though the food was quite standard. I guess the small touches are a mood lifter :)

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