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Food Adventure #33: Fandango

Dark Angel stumbled over an ex warehouse cafe that he was interested in but lost the website when he tried to show me. So we went on a cafe search and found Fandango, a hidden gem of a cafe in North Melbourne. Their website is plain to nothing but pictures of what they have to offer on Urbanspoon sure had me excited.

Honestly speaking, we walked past the cafe twice in searching. When we finally found it, I was glad I took up their offer to be seated in their courtyard. Behind the building, they furnished the space with cute little wooden grey tables and metal chairs among pots of plants under the shade sail. It was the perfect weather to be seated outdoor and the dishes that was recommended was a delight.

We began with drinks and for brunch, I would always love a nice pot of tea.

Two English Breakfast Teas with Cute Little Teapot Cosies.

Aren’t the teapots adorable in their little knitted cosy? Additionally the English Breakfast was loose leaf, served in a full sized teapot with milk and filter - the only way Tea should be served.

Poached Eggs with Beetroot and Fetta Relish, served with Spinach on Toasted Sourdough with additional Mushrooms on the side.

The Beetroot Eggs was a hearty dish that started with the moist runny eggs, laced with beetroot and fetta relish and finished with a thick piece of toast to soak up all the flavours. I was worried that the woody taste of beetroot would over power the eggs but it was surprisingly light to accommodate the rest of the dish. The Beetroot Eggs was so delicious, I couldn’t stop picking at the plate.

3 Stack of Vanilla Pancake topped with Fruit Compote, Strawberries, Honeyed Cream Cheese and Maple Syrup with Additional Bacon

Dark Angel and I has always been a bit skeptical about having bacon with pancakes so we ordered the lot to give it a shot. The dish, alike the beetroot eggs, was beautifully presented. We also happily noted that they placed the bacon separate to the pancakes to not mix the individual flavours. The sweet of the pancake mixed with the salty of the bacon creates a lovely contrast in flavours which we really liked. This dish included what we think was rhubarb that added a sour note to keep our appetite up.

Pickle Plate

To go with our dishes and as something new for our experience, we decided to try the pickle plate. The pickle plate is simply an assortment of the 3 sauces or pickles that they made available. They change according to supply, so the assortment may differ each time you visit. We had the Banana Chutney, Rhubarb Relish and Pear and Ginger Chutney. An interesting mix which was fun to try with our dishes to find the best combination.

Although this cafe is a bit far from me to go on a regular basis, I do recommend to give it a try if you are in search of a comfortable cafe that hosts well presented dishes with complex flavours and friendly staff with an eye for detail.

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