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Food Adventure #34: Chimac

Interested in the concept of Korean style tacos and pizza, we decided to give Chimac a visit. Located opposite of Queen Victoria Market, this little shop shines with style.

Not realising this restaurant was only open for dinner, DarkAngel and I arrive way too early. So we waited around and I am so glad we did.

Once inside, I was mesmerized with the collection of novelty items that was displayed here.

To name a few, there was a Simpson’s poster, a Scream and a Darth Vader mask as well as a massive Spider man to hold the counter door up.

To keep us occupied while waiting for food, we were presented with Deep Fried Raw Spaghetti. It was a rather cute and unexpected way to start our meal.

DarkAngel was particularly interested in the Ta-Kor, Korean Taco. Not knowing what to expect, we ordered the Spicy Pork Ta-Kor.

Despite the loose filling, the tacos were neatly presented. The mix of soft Korean pork under a top of crunchy salad, wrapped up in a taco gives a pleasant texture in your mouth as you munch. A little messy to eat but fun to try.

Famous for their super crispy fried chicken and beer, we had to order our share. Wanting to see how crispy chicken could get, we tried the Ultra Crispy chicken and matched it with the Garlic and Wonder Soy Chicken. Not a big fan of beer, we complimented the crispy treat with an icy cold coke. What’s not to love about Fried Chicken and Coke?

If you are a fan of fried chicken, indulge in your serve of the comfort food at Chimac!

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